Thursday, May 06, 2004

Another Kerry flip-flop, this time noted in an article on CNN.

But Kerry gives plenty of ammunition to those who say he considers no hair too fine to split and who charge that he tailors the cut of what he says to meet the tastes of the audience and the moment.

Asked on Earth Day whether he owns a gas-gobbling SUV, the champion of higher fuel-efficiency standards first said no, then admitted under questioning that, yes, that was a Suburban parked at his Sun Valley, Idaho, vacation house. Next, he distanced himself from his own driveway: "The family has it. I don't have it." It was a far different story, however, when Kerry visited car-loving Detroit last February.

Back then, he exulted to local reporters about how much horsepower he commands: "We have some SUVs. We have a Jeep. We have a couple of Chrysler minivans. We have a PT Cruiser up in Boston. I have an old Dodge 600 ... We also have a Chevy, a big Suburban."

Read this touching article about a Cincinnati area girl who lost her mother in the World Trade Center bombing and her encounter with President Bush.

The one thing I consistently here without fail from every White House staffer I've ever talked to is that George W. Bush is a truly decent and caring individual.

I really wish the extreme leftists could tone down the "Bush is a War Criminal" rhetoric. He's a good guy, and you can disagree with his policies without comparing him to Hitler.
It looks like John "F is for Flip-Flop" Kerry will be visiting our beloved Commonwealth over the weekend.

The word on the street is that he's going to be in Pittsburgh on Sunday and Erie on Monday. He's going to be holding at least one rally and visiting a hospital to give a talk about medical-related issues.

Let's plan on giving Senator Flip-Flop a warm, Keystone state welcome!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

From the New York Times.

Asked whether he [Donald Rumsfeld] could envision circumstances under which he would feel compelled to step aside, he again replied indirectly. "Well, it seems to me that the chain of command is the chain of command," he said, alluding to the several investigations now under way.

I'm just at a loss as to how the Secretary of Defense is supposed to be responsible for abuses that take place at the squad-level.

Rumsfeld is one of the finest SecDef's our country has ever known. It would be a tremendous loss for our country if he was pushed out because of the abuses of a few bad-apple MPs at a Baghdad prison.
Interesting article from Chuck Todd of the National Journal.

According to Todd,

there's another possibility, one only now being floated by a few political operatives: 2004 could be a decisive victory for Kerry. The reason to think so is historical. Elections that feature a sitting president tend to be referendums on the incumbent--and in recent elections, the incumbent has either won or lost by large electoral margins. If you look at key indicators beyond the neck-and-neck support for the two candidates in the polls--such as high turnout in the early Democratic primaries and the likelihood of a high turnout in November--it seems improbable that Bush will win big. More likely, it's going to be Kerry in a rout.

I have to strongly disagree with Mr. Todd. This isn't 1980. The country is far more polarized and there are only a limited number of states (18 by most people's count) that are legitimately in play. A landslide in this election would be 53% of the vote, not a Nixon-McGovern repeat.

And I can't see ANY scenario under which a landslide occurs, for either candidate.

It's interesting to note that even in what's arguably the worst month of George W. Bush's presidency, he's roughly even in the polls w/ Kerry, and ahead if you assume Nader's going to remain in the race.

And it's also interesting that the Bush Campaign's $50 Million ad barrage only dented Kerry a few points.

What do all these factors mean?

That most people have already made up their mind, and that the billion or so dollars that are about to spent on the next election should be focused on the roughly 7 - 8 % of the electorate that are genuinely up for grabs, and it should be further focused on the swing voters who actually live in the 18 battleground states.

Landslide? Highly, highly unlikely.
Today is Wictory Wednesday! Pony up, guys.

The Kerry Campaign will be spending $25 Million on an unprecendented ad campaign in the battleground states to try and slam the President.

Please donate to the Bush Campaign generously. Without our dollars, uber-liberals like George Soros are going to steal this election.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Check out Joe Hoeffel's new online advertisement against Arlen Specter.

This is TERRIBLE timing for Hoeffel to run this ad.

There's a group of Toomey supporters currently trying to decide whether to start a "Conservatives for Hoeffel" group. The idea is that they pledge to support Arlen Specter only if the Republican Senate Leadership agrees to remove Specter from the Judiciary Committee.

If Hoeffel's smart, he'd do everything in his power to encourage this group to form, rather than give them a clear reason to support Arlen Specter.

And by the way, I think the "Conservatives for Hoeffel" idea is insame. It makes no sense. It has the potential to give the Democrats control of the US Senate.
Absolutely great news on the economic front. Thanks to President Bush's tax cuts and the resilience of the American people, it now looks like federal tax revenues are going to come in about $100 Billion more than projected, putting the federal budget deficit at a very manageable 3.1% of GDP.

When you think about this in real terms,the national debt is actually declining this year, as annualized real economic growth is projected at over 4%.

Go tax cuts!
There's an incredibly well written op/ed by John O'Neill in the Wall Street Journal this morning, detailing why he believes John "F is for Flip Flop" Kerry is unfit to serve as our commander-in-chief.

Definitely a must-read.

Monday, May 03, 2004

A fascinating home movie about John F. Kerry's charitable contributions in the 1990s.

Credit goes to the good folks at CrushKerry.com
Check out John Kerry's new campaign ad.

Let's give Kerry credit, guys. He's sticking to a consistent campaign message. It goes something like this: Vietnam, Vietnam, Vietnam, blah, blah, blah, Vietnam.

It'll also be interesting to see how much mediaplay Swift Boat Veterans for Truth get in light of the new ads. Despite 19 of 23 of the officers John Kerry served with calling him "unfit" to be commander-in-chief, I'm still betting the major media will ignore their organization.
This anti-Pat Tillman comic by liberal cartoonist Ted Rall doesn't even need commenting on. It's just plain sick.

Hat tip to A Small Victory.

Check out this Wall Street Journal interview with John Kerry on his economic policies.

WSJ: What does it mean to be a fiscally responsible Democrat over the next 10 years and also deal with Social Security and Medicare?... In the case of Social Security, if you reject privatization, as you do, isn't it pretty obvious there are limited amounts of choices? We know what needs to be done. The question is how can we do them when you've taken things like raising the retirement age off the table?

KERRY: Because I don't believe that that is a necessary response or action to any of the things. I just don't believe it is. First of all, right now, the reason Social Security is challenged is because George Bush has an unaffordable tax-cut plan in place, an irresponsible, unaffordable tax plan. And that's why we're losing 10 years of Medicare. We were in a good position to be responsible about Social Security. We put ourselves there. And that's what I intend to try to get back to. And it begins with a strong economy. It also extends to being willing to be bipartisan, and trying to pull people together and find out what we need to do. I've heard the Cassandras of these programs for the 20 years I've been in the Senate, an each time we've been able to respond without doing the draconian things everybody suggests.

WSJ: But you do not think it's necessary, to solve this problem, to raise taxes, cut benefits, or delay benefits?

KERRY: I don't think you have to at this point in time, no. I think what you have to do is be fiscally responsible, grow the economy, put together a bipartisan commission, and take a look at what the options are. And let's see where they are at that point in time.

... I mean look, why should Teresa Heinz Kerry, John Kerry get a check once I've gotten back everything I've put in that's mine just because I'm living longer. Now that's not mean testing. I'm not for means testing.

WSJ: So what is it? How do you solve that issue?

KERRY: We already decide we have a progressive system. That's adding to its progressivity. It's not means testing. Everybody gets Social Security. Everybody has a right to get what they get. This is progressivity, if you did it. I'm not even sure we need to do that...

But I'm not going to do it by cutting the benefits for people today. I don't think you have to do that.

If John Kerry doesn't realize Social Security and Medicare need an immediate and substantial overhaul, he clearly doesn't have the economic understanding to be President.

As a Wharton student, this whole transcript was just painful to read.
All of John Kerry's former commanding officers and the overwhelming majority of the men he served with in Vietnam are now signing a letter calling him "unfit" to be Commander in Chief.

What I find most interesting is the complete lack of coverage this event is receiving from the major media.

John Kerry has made his Vietnam service the central tenet of his campaign. Its his only response to his awful voting record on issues of defense and national security.

But now we have virtually everyone he worked with calling that service into question. Seems like a relevant story to me.

We'll see how much play it gets in the NY Times, Washington Post, and big three broadcast networks in the next few days. My guess: Not very much if any.

Hat tip to Polipundit.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

This is a funny little e-mail circulating around the internet. Sorry for not attributing, but I have no idea the original source.

2004 Democratic National Convention - Official Program

July 26 ~ July 29, 2004, Boston, Massachusetts

July 26

8:00 pm - Opening flag burning ceremony
8:05 pm - Pledge of Allegiance to the United Nations
8:10 pm - Opening secular prayers by Reverend Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton
8:15 pm – Speech: “Blame America First” by Senator Ted Kennedy
8:30 pm – Speech: “Preventing effective government communication” by Jamie Gorelick
8:45 pm – 9-11 Commission status update: “Where Bush failed”
8:55 pm - Group apology led by Richard Clarke
9:00 pm - Speech: “Selling out your allies: How to protect your oil contracts and kickbacks” by French President Jacques Chirac
9:15 pm - Tribute to France
9:30 pm - Terrorist appeasement workshop
9:45 pm - Re-enactment of Kerry’s fake medal toss
10:00 pm - Anti-war rally and sit-in
10:50 pm - Collection for al-Zawahri defense fund
10:55 pm - Release of Guantanamo Bay prisoners

July 27

8:00 pm - Opening flag burning ceremony
8:05 pm - Pledge of Allegiance to the United Nations
8:10 pm - Speech: “Our Democracy is a Farce: reliving the Kerry Vietnam years” by Tim Robbins
8:30 pm - Gay marriage ceremony led by Rosie O’Donnell
8:45 pm - Speech: “Honoring the dead to boost your ‘sweeps’ ratings” by Nightline anchor Ted Koppel
9:00 pm – Speech: “Effective use of the media to promote book sales” by Sixty Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl
9:15 pm - Speech: "Put us back in the 'West Wing'" by Martin Sheen
9:30 pm - Anti-Bush rally: “Hey, hey; ho, ho; George W. Bush has got to go!” led by Michael Moore
9:45 pm - Anti-war concert by Barbara Streisand
10:55 pm - Senator Ted Kennedy proposes a toast

July 28

8:00 pm - Opening flag burning ceremony
8:05 pm - Pledge of Allegiance to the United Nations
9:00 pm – Speech: “Free healthcare through socialized medicine” by Senator Hillary Clinton
9:15 pm - Speech: “Why we need a liberal to stack the courts” by Senator Patrick Leahy
9:30 pm – Partial-birth abortion demonstration
9:45 pm - Speech: “Bush ruined my Education bill by signing it” by Senator Ted Kennedy
10:00 pm - Symbolic repeal of Bush tax cuts
10:05 pm - Speech: “How the super-rich will profit under Kerry” by George Soros, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates Sr., and Teresa Heinz Kerry
10:15 pm - Insider trading workshop with Martha Stewart
10:30 pm - Senator Kerry’s voting record for the issues presented by Senator Tom Daschle
10:35 pm - Senator Kerry’s voting record against the issues presented by Congressperson Nancy Pelosi
10:40 pm - Speech: “Racial harmony: My days in the Klan” by Senator Robert Byrd
10:55 pm - Lifetime Achievement Award presentation to the America’s First Black President: Bill Clinton

July 29

8:00 pm - Opening flag burning ceremony
8:05 pm - Pledge of Allegiance to the United Nations
8:10 pm - Speech: “Elections in the balance: Legal options if we lose” by former Vice President Al Gore
8:45 pm - Voting workshop
9:00 pm - Endorsement of Howard Dean: “Yeeeaaahhhh!”
9:15 pm - Nomination of the Democratic vice presidential candidate
9:30 pm - Speech: “I’m not Cheney” by the vice presidential candidate
9:45 pm - Nomination of the Democratic presidential candidate: Senator John Kerry
10:00 pm – Vote to include "I hate Bush" in the DNC platform
10:15 pm – Speech: “We need a regime change in the United States” by Senator John Kerry
10:45 pm – Rebuttal to Senator Kerry’s remarks by Senator John Kerry
10:55 pm - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast
11:00 pm – Closing sing-a-long

Be sure to check out this interesting New York Times article on whether Rick Santorum should be disallowed communion for his support of pro-choice candidate Arlen Specter in the Republican Senate Primary here in PA.

I'll say it once and I'll say it again.

Sometimes, being principaled means being pragmatic. And Rick Santorum, and just about every other influential Republican in our state, understood that a Pat Toomey win in the primary most likely meant a Joe Hoeffel win in the general.

So Rick Santorum's support for Arlen Specter was completely in line with his Catholic beliefs when you realize that supporting pro-life Pat Toomey could have cost the pro-life Republican Party (its in our Party charter) its control of the US Senate.

Santorum has spent major political capital backing Specter. He's receieved significant criticism for his decision from conservatives around the country, including from the National Review. Santorum's support for Specter was and is a courageous decision.
Check out RealClearPolitics for a nice summary of recent polling data from PA.

In case you're too lazy to click on the link, I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear the race is going to be close.
Am I the only one deeply bothered by NY National Guard Officer 1LT Paul Rieckhoff?

Lt. Rieckhoff recently returned from ten months in Iraq.

On Satruday, he delivered the Democratic Party's response to the President's weekly radio address. It was a very sharp criticism of the administration's handling of the Iraq conflict and post-war reconstruction.

That's fine, and he certainly has his right to disagree with the administration's policy. But what bothers me is that he's on TV falsely representing the 1.4 Million American troops on active duty, pretending they all share the same opinion as him.

Well, they don't.

Lt. Rieckhoff should know better than to use his uniform and rank to advance a partisan political agenda (he's a registered Democrat). Although reservists and guardsmen are allowed to engage in partisan politics (unlike active duty troops), they're prohibited from doing so while representing themselves as members of the Armed Forces of the United States. The only ones who can speak for the military are at the Pentagon, not partisan Democrat (or Republican) National Guard officers.

Rieckhoff knows he can get away with this because if he was punished for criticizing the President, the major media would accuse the President and the Pentagon of trying to stifle dissent.

This is shameful opportunism at its worst. The DNC oughta be embarrassed for having a junior officer deliver their talking points in violation of the long established practice of separating military service and politics.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Thanks for visiting my new blog! Between now and November, this blog is going to focus exclusively on helping President Bush win the state of Pennsylvania.

Its all about the grassroots, baby!

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